If you are a fan of red wine, black coffee, or colorful juices, you might probably understand that achieving a Hollywood-like smile is tough. And while there are plenty of tempting quick-fix solutions today, some of them, however, are not at all friendly to the oral health.

We at Selah Creek Dental believe that teeth whitening should only be provided by the dentist alone – whether an in-office treatment or professional at-home kit. Although over-the-counter products are trendy nowadays, they lack active ingredients such as Hydrogen peroxide or Carbamide peroxide, making them ineffective in treating discoloration. Worst is, they can also put oral health at risk! Here are some popular DIY teeth whitening products along with the problems associated with them.

Whitening Strips

Strips are readily made available by different online beauty stores, and they are usually priced at a reasonable amount. If you tried whitening your teeth with this method, you might as well have noticed a brighter and whiter smile after using them. Unfortunately, the excessive use of these strips can create sensitivity and pain to your teeth. One of their common side effects is white spots that might reside on the gums. The fact that the whitening strips themselves cannot access the crevices between the teeth, uneven color is expected.

UV kits (Over-the-counter)

Despite the claims in OTC teeth whitening products stating that they are safe to be used, they are linked to causing complications such as stomach problems, mouth infections, toothache, gum-shrinking, and nerve damage according to some research. In addition, the uneven spread of bleach can also leave the teeth to appear spotty or patchy.

Oil Pulling

Many celebrities are known to endorse oil pulling as an effective alternative to whiten the teeth and improve oral health. Nevertheless, there is no known evidence dating that this process really works.

Soda Toothpaste

The bicarbonate found in soda is said to be a natural teeth whitener. Many believe that using a toothpaste containing this property will help them achieve a white smile in the short-term. But the downside of this product is, it can weaken the enamel as it can be abrasive enough to be used for the teeth. The constant brushing of the teeth using soda toothpaste can cause sensitivity to the teeth and expose them to dental decays in the long-run.

A beautiful smile is not just about having whiter teeth. Keep in mind that oral health is an essential key component that makes up a glowing grin. Maintain them both by setting an appointment with us at Selah Creek Dental.

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