Teeth are for a lifetime. So while the children are still young, it is vital to instill proper oral care to them. It is mainly the responsibility of every parent to teach their kids the right ways of caring for their mouth, teeth, and gums. However, the cooperation of the pediatric dentist is still necessary to ensure the excellent state of their little ones’ oral health.

Trust us at Selah Creek Dental!

For your child’s dental health care needs, you can fully rely on us at Selah Creek Dental. Our staff and dentist are skilled and trained enough to deal with our young patients. We worked hard in providing them a fun, comfortable, and convenient environment. Our dental clinic is always ready to cater to complete checkups, preventive treatments, restorations services, sedation and emergency dentistry to your child.

Moreover, we are here to help you maintain the glowing grin of your kids even inside the comfort of your own home! We listed down the things to do and to avoid. It is our way of showing you how interested are we to be a part of your child’s smile journey.

Things To Do:

To keep the healthy smile of your little ones, here are the things to comply:

Encourage them to brush twice daily

Like adults, children must clean their mouth after waking up in the morning and before sleeping at night. Brushing two times a day helps counter bad breath and halt the buildup of plaque and tartar.

Keep track of your child’s eating habits

While some foods are essential for the body, there are those that can cause tooth decay and other oral complications. It is always best to keep an eye on the snacks and beverages that your kids consume.

Take them to the dentist

Bringing your kids to the dental professional every six months is recommended to keep oral diseases entirely at bay.

Things Not To Do:

Don’t allow your children to practice any of the considerations listed below for excellent oral health:

  • Let your child sleep while feeding them a bottle of milk.
  • Eat a lot of sour foods and drinks.
  • Chew cubes of ice.
  • Suck the thumb or get hooked on pacifiers.

Selah Creek Dental is always ready to take action involving you and your child’s oral health. If you want your kids to experience secure and more child-friendly Pediatric Dentistry services in Selah, WA, visit us and book your appointment at 202 W. Naches Ave., Selah, WA 98942.