Knowing the things to do and avoid for proper oral care is crucial in maintaining an excellent dental health condition. However, not everyone is aware of the harmful habits they possess which can pose harm to their teeth, gums, and other oral structures. We at Selah Creek Dental would like to share some of the common don’ts in oral care since we care for our patient’s overall oral health.

Avoid hard-bristled brush

The hardness of brush hairs and forceful brushing causes wear and tear on your enamel. Its continuous use can even result in the recession of the gums. It is best to use a soft-bristled brush to clean even the spaces in between teeth effectively.

Skipping a toothbrush session

People may be too tired when they got home from school or work. Fatigue is not an excuse to get straight to bed without brushing. Harmful food residues during the day accumulate on the mouth. Once left unattended, it can produce acids that attack the teeth.

No to flossing

Flossing is important as brushing and rinsing which is why dentists recommend its practice for at least once a day. Bleeding gums is only common to first time and returnee flossers. However, if a person continuously experiences such issue, seeing our dentist at Selah Creek Dental is a must for it may be a sign of gum disease.

Neglecting the tongue

Like teeth, the tongue can also house harmful substances like plaque which, if left unattended can lead to bad breath and other oral complications. Make sure to include it when brushing the teeth for a more thorough cleaning.

Not wearing a mouthguard when playing sports

Players oftentimes avoid the usage of mouthguards. They consider it uncomfortable and can only get in the way. What they do not know is, it is essential in preventing the occurrence of dental emergencies that may require immediate dental treatments.

Not seeing the dentist

Out of all the other don’ts in oral care, not scheduling an appointment regularly with your dentist poses a greater threat to a person’s overall oral health. It can be serious enough to require intensive dental procedures to prevent it from causing more problems.

As you already know proper dental hygiene at home do not have any shortcuts. Make sure to practice it properly and partner it with complete checkups, professional cleaning, digital x-rays, and oral cancer screening for excellent overall dental health!

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