The solution for tooth loss in the past were only dental bridges and dentures. Although they were effective in giving smiles a second chance, they also have their fair share of disadvantages. Thankfully, the advances in dental technology made way for the emergence of a procedure that offers the closest restoration to resemble natural teeth – dental implants!

For people who are thinking of investing for dental implants, here is a list of amazing facts about the restoration.

A lifetime of smiles

Unlike other available options, dental implants can serve as a prosthesis for a lifetime! That is if the patient is willing to observe proper hygiene and care practices.

Sure success

If the dentist that would perform the procedure has enough knowledge and experience, dental implants are sure to work due to its high success rate that can be more than 90%.

Less maintenance

Prosthesis supported by dental implants does not need any special care or solutions. Patients are free to practice their usual oral hygiene routines to get rid of harmful substances that can jeopardize their oral health condition.

Age is just a number

Contrary to what other people believe, anyone can avail of the procedure, even younger patients. To know if a person is a candidate regardless of age, an initial consultation with a dentist would help.

Eat all you can

Missing teeth can cause patients to adjust their diet since certain foods can be challenging to eat. Having a tooth restored with the preceding options have some restrictions that the wearer must follow to avoid damaging the prosthesis. But with dental implants, patients are once again free to eat the foods they love.


The dental implant is an immovable dental appliance that is secured since its placement involves surgically placing titanium posts on the jawbone. Instead of wearing prosthesis over the gums, they are attached to the implants for a more stable teeth replacement. No need to worry about slips when eating, speaking, or smiling!

Enhanced confidence

Tooth loss can cause a patient to have lower self-esteem and confidence. But by giving the teeth a second chance, regaining what was lost comes in easy. Not only is the space in the mouth will be filled and the appearance is corrected, but a renewed self-confidence as well.

At Selah Creek Dental, we aim to give our patients only the best dental care they deserve. Since dental implants are highly popular nowadays, we want our patients to take advantage of the benefits they offer.

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