Yes. Getting a newly treated tooth reinfected after a root canal therapy is possible. Lack of the right aftercare and observance of the dentist’s instructions may wreak havoc to the tended site. If the person fails to address the early signs of infection, the issue may worsen.

Symptoms Of Reinfection

We at Selah Creek Dental included here the things that patients should watch out for after a root canal procedure. These conditions may be a sign of reinfection. If any of these are experienced, be sure to call our attention immediately.

High Fever

The abnormally high body temperature is the most obvious sign of an infection. The best thing to do if severe headaches, delirium, and shivers occur after a root canal treatment is to seek the help of the dental professional.

An abscess on the gums

Typically, patients who are required for a root canal treatment may notice a pimple on their gums. It is then expected to vanish right after the therapy is done. When the pus or abscess comes back and lingers for seven to ten days, it already signals reinfection.

Chronic Pain

The usual side effect of a root canal is mild pain or soreness. Those who are exposed to discomfort the day following the treatment have nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, when pain is aggravated and persistently occurs for more than three days, patients should consider seeking professional help.

Ways to Avoid Reinfection After a Root Canal

Here are the things that a person should do or avoid after a root canal procedure:

  • Keep in mind that the treated site is still tender. With that said, avoid using the site when munching foods.
  • Keep up with your regular oral care routine.
  • To avoid encouraging bacteria, rinse the mouth with a salt and water solution. Do it several times a day.
  • Rest well and refrain from smoking or taking alcoholic drinks.

If you have any questions in mind concerning a root canal therapy, talk to us at Selah Creek Dental. It is our pleasure to help you with all your dental health needs.

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