Perhaps, you already heard about crowns and bridges being a slightly known procedure provided by the different dental professionals today. If your dentist recommends you to undergo such, you might probably want to learn more about the treatment and how you can benefit from it. We at Selah Creek Dental listed down some of the essential information about crowns and bridges that you ought to know.

A crown and bridge are two different things. The tooth-shaped cap placed over the natural tooth is known as the crown. Its main use is to protect and strengthen the tooth that is broken down already. On the other hand, bridges are responsible for replacing the gaps due to missing teeth. One or more crowns are utilized to provide an anchor for the pontics. Although they differ for certain reasons, both aim to restore one’s smile effectively.

At Selah Creek Dental, we use porcelain to fabricate crowns and bridges to give patients a more durable type of restorative treatment. Porcelain is also known for its natural-looking components and excellent functionality. To understand more about the benefits of crowns and bridges, read below:

  • The procedure allows patients to bring back their natural bite and chewing ability. Eating is sometimes a challenge for those who have missing teeth.
  • Opting for a restorative treatment like crowns and bridges may help keep the surrounding teeth in their proper positions.
  • Crowns and bridges improve the appearance and the smile of the patient.
  • One of the struggles that patient with missing teeth may encounter is speech defects. To avoid the development of lisp, for instance, the lost structure must be replaced.
  • When tooth loss is left untreated, the remaining teeth will be subject to chipping, cracking, and wearing due to pressure. Crowns and bridges, fortunately, prevent further damage to the teeth.

When it comes to the aesthetic, crowns and bridges may be the best consideration. Unlike dental fillings, the porcelain material used in creating the restorative devices is not prone to stainings!

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