Tooth loss is one of the primary effects of the advanced stage of periodontal disease, especially to adults. An incomplete set of teeth decreases one’s self-esteem and confidence. However, it is not only the smile that is affected by the condition. People with missing teeth may have trouble with their chewing and speaking capabilities.

Indeed, periodontal disease can put the overall oral health at risk. But with today’s modern technology, a wide selection of treatments are made available for patients who suffer from different periodontal problems. At Selah Creek Dental, we don’t just provide a solution for gum complications. Our dentist also offers a treatment to counter damages brought by the devastating disease with the method called bone grafting.

When the jawbone is deteriorated by periodontitis, the dental professional might recommend bone grafting to regenerate and strengthen the affected bone. To know more about the procedure, here are the facts about it:

  • Many patients who experienced periodontal disease undergo a bone grafting procedure. When gum recession occurs due to the oral problem, there will be not enough tissue to support the teeth. As a result, patients end up losing a tooth or two. Bone grafting is a excellent consideration for rebuilding the missing structure. Moreover, it also helps in the prevention of bone loss.
  • Unlike other surgical procedures, bone grafting is not something that patients must be scared of. The treatment is pain-free and can be completed in a regular dental visit.
  • For patients who want to pursue an implant for tooth replacement, bone grafting must be done to repair the harmed structures such as the gums and bones. Once fixed, they will ensure a strong foundation for oral devices like dental implants and dentures to be attached comfortably and more natural.
  • The materials used in the procedure may come from various sources which include humans, animals, or other synthetic materials. Nevertheless, dental professionals perform a thorough processed before utilizing these certain materials to assure safety.

Patients who are planning to invest in the procedure don’t have to worry as bone grafting guarantees an impressive 90% success rate.

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