Also called periodontology, periodontics is a subcategory of dentistry that deals with the supporting structures of the teeth, most notably the gums and mouth bones. Today, millions of people are impacted by periodontitis, also referred to as gum disease.

Periodontitis is characterized by infection and inflammation of the gums. It is caused by the gums becoming irritated by toxins that are present in plaque. As the condition progresses, the gums will begin to pull away from the teeth, creating spaces called periodontal pockets. These pockets become infected with tartar, bacteria, and plaque, allowing the disease to spread to other areas of the mouth. Eventually, the condition will reach the jawbone and the connective tissues of teeth, resulting in tooth loss.

The oral care experts at Selah Creek Dental recognize the seriousness of periodontitis, and we strongly encourage patients to seek treatment as quickly as possible. Our practice offers many different treatment options that are designed to repair the damage caused by gum disease and restore the appearance of the teeth and gums to a healthy, natural look.

Root Surface Debridement

Root surface debridement is a deep cleaning of the root surfaces. The treatment is designed to completely remove all deposits of bacteria, plaque, and tartar that are present on the root surfaces after periodontal pockets have developed. By this stage, gum disease can easily spread to the jawbone and cause significant damage, so seeking treatment is extremely important.

Root surface debridement reaches deep within the areas between teeth, accessing spaces that cannot be reached with normal brushing and flossing. After the unwanted buildups have been removed, rough spots on the root surfaces are smoothed out to prevent future occurrences. Overall, the procedure is highly effective in stopping the spread of gum disease and preventing tooth loss.

Bone Grafting

When the jawbone becomes damaged from periodontitis, it may be necessary to conduct a bone grafting procedure. This process involves using artificial bone material and special proteins to regenerate the deteriorated jawbone. In many cases, bone grafting is done to strengthen a weakened jawbone so it can properly support dental implants.

TMJ Disorders

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are characterized by pain and tenderness in a person’s jawbone and the muscles responsible for the movement of their jaw. In most cases, the pain associated with a TMJ disorder is temporary, and it can typically be cured with non-surgical treatment methods. Our experts are prepared to provide treatment for TMJ disorders in order to eliminate the discomforts associated with these troubling conditions.

If you are suffering from gum disease and you would like to receive more information about the treatment options that are available to you, please call us to schedule an appointment. See for yourself what makes Selah Creek Dental the leader in periodontics!