Dentures in Selah

Dentures are an excellent solution to tooth loss. If you are looking for dentures in Selah, call our office today. Our friendly staff is here to give you a smile you can be proud of!

Tooth loss is a very serious oral health issue that affects millions of people. Not only do missing teeth dampen a person’s appearance, but they also cause major inconveniences and difficulties. Teeth are essential for regular tasks such as chewing and speaking, and these tasks can become extremely difficult or nearly impossible without a full set of healthy teeth. Over time, missing teeth can also lead to other issues, including the deterioration of the jawbone, a loss of facial structure, severe bite imbalances and unwanted tooth shifts.

The team at Selah Creek Dental recognizes the seriousness of tooth loss, and that is why we are proud to provide patients with natural-looking dentures that provide the full appearance and function of healthy teeth. Our practice specializes in removable dentures with denture stabilization implants. This type of denture offers superior strength and stability over traditional suction-based dentures, which are prone to becoming loose or slipping while talking or eating.

Denture Stabilization Implants

A denture consists of artificial teeth that are attached to a gum-colored base. Removable dentures with denture stabilization implants utilize a permanently implanted metal stabilization framework which remains securely in place at all times. This framework can be fully installed in just one minimally-invasive oral surgery.

Although the framework remains permanently fixed inside the mouth, the dentures themselves can be taken out of the mouth for easy cleaning and then quickly reinserted for general use. While dentures can require some getting used to, most patients find that they quickly begin to feel completely natural and comfortable to use. If maintained properly, a set of fixed dentures should last roughly three to eight years.

If you are suffering from tooth loss and you would like to learn more about the denture options that are available to you, please call us at 509-698-6684 to schedule an appointment.