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Tooth loss is a serious oral health issue that affects millions of people. When teeth are lost, everyday tasks such as chewing and speaking can become incredibly difficult, and a person’s appearance can suffer tremendously. If tooth loss is left untreated, it can lead to other serious problems such as the deterioration of the jawbone, a loss of facial structure, unwanted tooth shifts and severe bite imbalances.

One of the best ways to replace missing teeth is to receive dental implants. These devices consist of a titanium metal framework that is surgically inserted into a patient’s jawbone. This framework is able to support crowns, bridges or dentures as needed, ensuring that they remain in place at all times, even when the user is talking or eating.

Since dental implants conduct the same functions as natural tooth roots, most people with dental implants say that their replacement teeth feel exactly like their natural ones. There are various types of dental implants, and different procedures are used depending upon the individual needs of the patient and the severity of their tooth loss.

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