Complete Checkups in Selah

The oral care experts at Selah Creek Dental are proud to provide complete dental checkups for new and existing patients. These routine examinations allow us to stay on top of your dental health and provide timely treatment in the event that any important issues are uncovered.

A complete dental checkup at Selah Creek Dental includes a professional teeth cleaning, digital X-rays when necessary and an oral cancer screening. Our team also uses this opportunity to check for any signs or symptoms of gum disease or tooth decay and to examine existing restorations for signs of wear and tear. Appropriate treatments will be recommended if needed. We advise all patients to visit us for a complete dental checkup at least once every six months.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Also known as prophylaxis, a professional teeth cleaning is comprised of a deep cleaning of the entire mouth, most notably all teeth and gums. Hardened plaque is removed from the surface of one’s teeth and below the gum line using special dental tools. We also thoroughly cleanse and polish the teeth to eliminate surface stains and any remaining plaque. This process ensures complete cleanliness in all areas of the mouth, while also providing the patient with a feeling of oral freshness and reduced bad breath.

Digital X-Rays

Our team uses digital X-rays to examine the hidden areas of the mouth and reveal any problems or issues affecting a patient’s oral structures. By doing this, we can instantly obtain a strong understanding of any symptoms that may be affecting the dental health of the patient.

Oral Cancer Screening

We consider an oral cancer screening to be one of the most important aspects of any complete dental checkup. Catching cancer in its earliest stages is the best way to ensure proper treatment. We examine the lips, tongue, face, gums, throat and oral tissues for any signs or symptoms of the disease. A biopsy will be conducted as soon as possible in the event that any abnormalities are discovered.

A complete dental checkup is the first step to getting on the right track for great oral health. Please call us at 509-698-6684 to schedule an appointment.